SAN LORENZO, Colombia HOUSE ESPRESSO syrupy, chocolate, damson plum, dates


SAN LORENZO, Colombia HOUSE ESPRESSO syrupy, chocolate, damson plum, dates

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Producer: Small growers of San Lorenzo producers’ group

Region: Caldas, Colombia
Altitude: 1600 - 2200 masl

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia & Castillo
Process: Fully washed

Importer: Falcon Speciality

Cup profile: Syrupy, chocolate, damson plum, dates

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Our coffee offering is all about showcasing fresh in-season single-origin coffees of varied favour profles while sharing stories of their origins and producers. With our house espresso, we look for coffees with a full body, coating, syrupy mouthfeel, notes of chocolate, caramel and a mellow stone-fruit acidity. They will present plenty of sweetness and character to stand alone as an espresso or long black whilst pairing beautifully with milk for a silky comforting flat white.

To maintain a consistency of favour throughout the year without compromising on the coffee’s quality and freshness we have chosen Colombia to be the origin for our house espresso. This also enables us clearly to know and communicate the coffee’s origin. The country’s size, geographical position and hilly terrain with a variety of micro-climates provides perfect conditions for growing high-quality coffees; it also allows for harvesting year round, meaning that we can source fresh coffees throughout the year.

We source these coffees with the help of our importing partner Falcon Speciality, who work closely with growers and cooperatives on the ground in Colombia. The lots will change every four to six months as fresh coffee becomes available from different growing regions whilst the favour profile remains consistent.


The San Lorenzo group is part of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Alto Occidente de Caldas which was established in 1964. It is an indigenous group of producers based in the Rio Sucio municipality of Caldas where there are 11,500 inhabitants with 1,150 farmers producing coffee within 21 communities.

Until recently, this region was heavily inhabited by paramilitary groups and guerrillas, who looked to control this central corridor in Colombia. The region has not been known for specialty production but as the local tensions ease and access has improved, it is now possible showcase the great quality of the coffees available.

The indigenous inhabitants believe in the Pacha Mama – earth goddess, and see the land as a living being. To them, it is their duty to protect the natural environment and have as little impact as possible from their farming of coffee in order to leave the land as it has always been.

Each farmer has approximately 0.5 hectares of land with about 2500 coffee trees. During the harvest season, families work with their neighbours to select ripe cherry before de-pulping and fermenting the coffee in water for 16 -24 hours, depending on the weather. The coffee is then washed and put out to dry on small drying patios for between 8 – 14 days, usually on the roof of their houses. Then it is delivered it to the cooperative where it gets assessed and allowed to rest before being milled for shipment. In this lot there is in total 179 producers coffee, who have each delivered small amounts of parchment that has been assessed and categorised as specialty coffee. Each farmer’s contribution is carefully recorded which allows to have full traceability about the construction of this lot.