ROI AB, Kenya FILTER syrupy & bright, crisp apple, redcurrant, brown sugar


ROI AB, Kenya FILTER syrupy & bright, crisp apple, redcurrant, brown sugar

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Producer: Roi Estate

Region: Kiambu
Altitude: 1700 masl

Varietal: SL 34, SL28
Process: Fully washed & soaked

Importer: Falcon Speciality

Cup profile: Syrupy & bright, crisp apple, redcurrant, brown sugar

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The Kianjiru factory is located in the Kirinyaga County in Central highlands of Kenya. It is one of 12 factories that form the Baragwi Cooperative Society which was established in 1953.

The factory is set in a fertile and forested location surrounded by thousands of smallholder farmers who grow coffee as cash crop alongside other crops and some livestock. The average altitude of these small-holdings is around 1800 masl which, along with rich volcanic soils, contributes to the refined flavour profile of their coffees.

The Kianjiru factory where these farmers deliver their cherries is managed by the very capable - Margaret Myeri Melambiri who is blazing the trail for women in management positions, still a rare sight within Kenyan coffee factories.

As is typical in Kenya, the Kianjiru factory processes coffee by the traditional washed method. Cherries are de-pulped on the day of delivery before being fermented in tanks, soaked in fresh water and finally dried in thin layers on raised beds. Prior to drying the de-pulped beans are separated by density in water channels multiple times and graded accordingly. Once dried, the coffee is stored in parchment for a period of resting before being delivered to a dry mill where the parchment is removed and the coffee is sorted for defects as well as graded by size (AA, AB, PB etc) before being packed and prepared for export.