HUYE MOUNTAIN, Rwanda ESPRESSO syrupy, boozy cherry, tropical fruits & caramel


HUYE MOUNTAIN, Rwanda ESPRESSO syrupy, boozy cherry, tropical fruits & caramel

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Producer: Small-holder producers within the Huye Mountain community

Region: Southern Rwanda
Altitude: 1600-2300 masl

Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural

Cup profile: Syrupy, boozy cherry, tropical fruit & caramel

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Located on the slopes of Huye Mountain in the Huye District in Southern Rwanda, Huye Mountain Coffees is a private washing station owned by David Rubanzangabo.

It was established in 2011 and now receives cherry deliveries from around 1,330 producers during harvest season, who deliver their freshly picked coffee cherries to 26 collecting stations around the Huye community where a truck visits daily to collect coffee during harvest season. All producers in the Huye community grow Bourbon varietal which thrives at the high altitudes and contributes to a great complexity and sweetness in the cup.

Rwandan farms are generally very small. It's usually families that have some land with coffee trees and who take care of the plants and pick the cherries themselves.Competition for cherry can be pretty tough, farmers can deliver to whichever washing station they want. Maintaining a good supply of cherry is dependent on the relationships washing stations have with farmers and being able to offer competitive pricing.

David is known to be a philanthropist within his community, and cares deeply about the smallholder farmers who deliver their coffee to his station. His drive for quality has brought about a big increase in prices for local farmers. To encourage consistency of quality, David awards members whose coffees carry the highest cupping scores with the prize of a cow or a goat. A cow makes a huge difference to the lives of a family since it will provide milk for around 6 years and a constant supply of organic fertilizer for the coffee trees.

The harvest for Huye can run from March through to August during which time ripe coffee is hand-picked and delivered to the washing station daily. Huye Mountain processes majority of their coffees using the traditional washed method but this year they have also started to process high quality natural (dry processed) coffees such as this one. The Huye Mountain natural lots are sun-dried on raised beds over a period of 2.5 – 3.5 weeks, being covered in the event of rain and turned daily to ensure even drying.

This coffee is a great example of a well-processed natural demonstrating an outstandingly clean, sweet & complex profile.

Info courtesy of Falcon Speciality.