EL LLANETE, Colombia FILTER jammy, ripe plum, wine gums, maple syrup

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EL LLANETE, Colombia FILTER jammy, ripe plum, wine gums, maple syrup

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Producer: 4 producers of the El Llanete Co-operative with support from Juan Saldarriaga

Region: Hispania, Antioquia, Colombia
Altitude: 1800 masl

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Process: Fully washed & shade dried

Importer: Nordic Approach

Cup profile: Jammy, ripe plum, wine gums, maple syrup

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Juan Saldarriaga is a young medium sized producer that recently took over his family's two farms – Encanto & Claudina. A couple of years ago he also started a project helping other growers in the region to improve the quality of their coffee and make Antioquia known for outstanding coffee, and this lot is one of the results of this initiative.

El Llanete is the name of a small area in Hispania. This subregion is located above Juan's farm El Encanto (5°46'46.0"N 75°52'44.0"W). It is a cooperative managed by Juan and consists of four small farmers:

Augusto Rua, Finca El Plan, has 1 hectare with 5000 trees Colombia and Castillo

Jairo Alonso, Finca Palo Blanco, has 5 hectares 22000 trees Caturra and Colombia

Fabian Andres Chico, La Esperalda, has 3 hectares with 15000 trees Castillo

Yuri Saldarriaga, El Periquito, 3 hectares with 12 000 trees Castillo and Colombia

The group is currently made up of 4 small producers but there is a big potential of growing the members of the group. The main work required within the region is to change the mentality and develop focus on quality whilst improving the producers' knowledge of fermentation and drying process. The biggest challenge with the project is developing the local infrastructure. Juan is helping the farmers move from commodity coffee to speciality by increasing the quality of the coffee through thorough picking, processing and drying, and subsequently reaching new markets for their coffee.

We were very impressed by the quality and stand out character of this lot when we first tried it as a pre-ship sample and this help up on the coffee's arrival too. We are super happy to support this project of Juan's and share this delicious coffee with you.