DIANA CANO, Colombia jammy, blackberry, grape, maple syrup


DIANA CANO, Colombia jammy, blackberry, grape, maple syrup

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Producer: Diana Cano

Farm: El Paraiso

Region: Tolima, Colombia
Altitude: 1800 masl

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Process: Fully washed & shade dried

Importer: Nordic Approach

Cup profile: Jammy, blackberry, grape, maple syrup

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Diana’s farm, El Paraiso is located in the South of Tolima almost on the border with Huila, in San Simon. Where the principal or main harvest happens from Mar-Aug. Diana's farm lies at altitude of 1835 masl and spread over 3 hectares. She grows Colombia, Castillo and Caturra varieties there.

Diana is one of the 59 members of Asoprocafees association – a group of growers that came together in order to strengthen their economy whilst producing organic coffees.

During harvest coffees are generally picked in 3-4 passes. Meaning the producers/workers pick the ripe cherries in one block. Then they might wait a few weeks until it’s again a decent amount of ripe cherries to pick in that same place.

Coffee from Tolima is generally fully washed. Most farmers usually have a small beneficio (wet mill), a small manual or electric pulper and a fermentation tank. They de-pulp the cherries in the afternoon of picking. The coffees then go straight from the pulper into the fermentation tank where it ferments for several hours, depending on the temperature. Higher temperature will speed up the fermentation process, and lower temperature will slow it down. Once fermented the coffee is washed and floaters are separated before the lot is spread out to dry in parabolic dryers where it is left to dry over a period of several days. At El Paraiso the coffee is dried for approximately 15 days. Slow drying usually helps evening out moisture content and contributes to a coffee's quality as well as longevity.