BUSHOKI PB, Rwanda FILTER silky & complex, black tea florals, muscat grape, toffee


BUSHOKI PB, Rwanda FILTER silky & complex, black tea florals, muscat grape, toffee

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Producer: Various small-holder farmers delivering to Bushoki washing station

Region: Rulindo, Northern Province, Rwanda
Altitude: 1770 masl

Varietal: Red Bourbon peaberry
Process: Washed & dried on African beds

Importer: Nordic Approach

Cup profile: Silky & complex, black tea florals, muscat grape, toffee


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Bushoki is a washing station situated in the Rulindo District, Northern Province of Rwanda. The washing station lies at altitude of 1776 masl and farmers who deliver their cherry here fall in a range of altitudes in proximity of the station.

There are around 800 smallholder farmers in the surrounding communities around Bushoki that deliver their cherry to the washing station for processing.

They have very strict routines for cherry reception and sorting, cherry delivered by farmers is first sorted by the farmers themselves, and if this is not done sufficiently there are staff at the washing station who will do further sorting. The cherry delivery is placed in a tank prior to pulping where floaters are removed. All of the cherry is sorted out and ones that are unripe or overripe will be processed separately as lower grade coffee.

The climate through most of the season in Rwanda is relatively cool, which assists in controlling the fermentation process. A three-disc pulper is used at Bushoki to remove the skin and pulp from the parchment. The coffee is then wet fermented for 18-24 hours to break down mucilage. After this the parchment is washed and dried on raised beds for 15-22 days. The drying parchment is covered by shade net during midday intense sun, and during any rain and at night.

This particular lot is a selection of beans known as peaberries – coming from cherries where only one seed develops instead of the more usual two. In Rwanda and Kenya it is common that these are sorted from the rest of the lot and sold separately as PB lots. This one stood out for us for its incredible sweetness and delicate floral aroma.