Curve is a speciality coffee roastery based in Margate, East Kent.

We're dedicated to responsibly sourcing the most interesting fresh crop green coffee we can get our hands on and roasting it to bring out the best of its intrinsic flavours. 

Our goal is to make speciality coffee inspiring, accessible and sustainable. We strive to be at the forefront of the speciality coffee industry, constantly exploring, learning and improving. We're determined to become an acknowledged source of coffee and education and nurture the growing speciality coffee community in the Kent area as well as to make positive contribution toward enhancement of the vibrant global speciality coffee community.


Our Story

Curve Roasters has been set up in the summer of 2016 in Margate by Jon Cowell & Tereza Vertatova. 

We are inspired by the beautiful landscapes in which coffee grows and the interaction of soil, climate, variety and producers' input that make each coffee unique. We see the beauty of coffee roasting and brewing in taking an exciting raw product and exploring its wonderful flavour potential. 

We are seasonally led, with a range of fresh crop speciality-grade coffee from various origins and with different flavour profiles. Our roasting style allows for a coffee's sweetness, vibrancy, body and flavour to shine. Rather than blending coffees we prefer to focus on  refining our roasts to bring out the potential each coffee holds within and showcase individual producers' lots.

As a roaster we take on quite an important and privileged role within the coffee supply chain - standing between the producers who grow coffee as an agricultural product and those who enjoy preparing and drinking it as a beverage, be it professional baristas or home enthusiasts. Our goal within this role is to honour the work of the farmers and to make the experience of the baristas and consumers exciting and delicious. By sharing information, stories and skills we hope to bring those two worlds closer together and appreciative of each other.

We love roasting, brewing and drinking coffee with stand-out character - and sharing that with all our clients!

Our coffee is available to wholesale clients throughout the UK and Europe and retail in the UK via our online store.