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Producer: Ecoagricola farm run by the Flanzer brothers

Region: Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1100 masl

Varietal: Yellow Catucai
Process: Selectively picked, sorted & dried on raised beds or patios depending on weather

Cup profile: Creamy, almond, sable grape, milk chocolate

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Ecoagricola is the name of the farm owned and run by Marcelo and Roberto Flanzer - brothers who took over the plantation in 2000. It is surrounded by 2000 hectares of permanent preservation: the Reserva da Borralha which is completely untouched by man and has a rich biodiversity. The Ecoagricola company is closely involved with the board of this State Park and contributes to maintaining this environment. 

As the name suggest this farm is guided by principles of ecological agriculture and focuses on producing outstanding cup quality. They employ many innovative eco-friendly practices including a complex irrigation system and low energy precision application technology. They were successfully re-certified by rainforest alliance in 2017.

The farm grows Red Catuaí and Yellow Catucaí varietals, chosen for their great cup quality combined with good productivity given the climate and soil of the region. This lot is composed of Yellow Catucaí and has been selectively hand harvested when cherries are fully ripe. After being picked, the coffee is hand sorted to remove any additional underripe or damaged cherries. It is then delivered to raised beds or the farm’s patios, depending on space and weather at the time. Typically, on the first day, coffee cherries are left on the patios (or raised beds) in a thin layer. Over the following days, they are turned regularly and put in thicker layer until they reach the desired amount of moisture (10-12%). Their farm-specific post-harvest processing methods are developed with Flavio Borem - one of the country's leading coffee quality researchers.