EL RANCHO, Guatemala ESPRESSO creamy, butterscotch, ripe dark grape


EL RANCHO, Guatemala ESPRESSO creamy, butterscotch, ripe dark grape

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Producer: Rubel Solis

Municipality: San Antonio Huista
Region: Huehuetenango
Altitude: 1550 - 1600 masl

Varietal: Caturra
Process: Pulped, soaked, fully washed and dried on patios

Cup profile: Creamy & sweet, butterscotch, dark ripe grape

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Finca El Rancho is located near the town of San Antonio Huista in Guatemala's renowned coffee growing region Huehuetenango. It is owned by Rubel Solis and his family.

Benefiting from a particular microclimate with dry hot winds blowing from the Tehuantepec plain in Mexico, this microregion is protected from frost even at high altitudes which are perfect for production of great quality coffees.

Rubel's farm spreads over 5 hectares and produces 2700 kg per year on average. This lot is planted mainly under the Caturra varietal. The coffee is grown amongst a lush canopy of shade trees such as Challum, Gravillea as well as local fruit trees allowing for slow cherry maturation which contributes to pronounced sweetness in the cup.

During harvest, cherries are selectively picked, de-pulped at the farm on the same day and left in tanks to ferment. Fermentation can take much longer than usual due to cold temperatures in the area. After fermenting the coffee is washed and soaked in fresh water before being dried on lined patios.

When we came to visit El Rancho earlier this year, we've had the pleasure of meeting Rubel's father and brother. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet Rubel as he has left Guatemala to go work in the US. This is fairly common for many young men in the rural areas of Huehuetenango due to the challenging financial situation many farmers are facing.

Earning a living from coffee farming is extremely difficult with C-market coffee prices fluctuating and often falling bellow cost of production. This is one of the reasons why we believe in working with importers who liaise directly with producers and establish coffee prices based on a dialogue and quality of coffee produced rather than according to the C-market. We've seen many producers in Huehuetenango who have been working with PrimaVera Coffee Exporters and due to their fair prices and support, as well as direct contact with final buyers, they are motivated to keep on producing and improving the quality of their coffee. We hope that we will get to work with the Solis family again next year.