Speedy Spring Time Coffee Update!

Hello all!

We're super excited to be releasing two new coffees and would love to share a little bit about them with you. 

First one up is the juicy and bright number from Murango washing station in North-Eastern Burundi. It come from cherries of Typica and Bourbon varietals produced by the women run Kalico Co-operative and processed by the washed method. We're really excited by this coffee's liveliness and fresh flavour notes of rhubarb and redcurrant and clean creme caramel sweetness. Perfect spring time treat! Really nice cold too.

The next one is an intensely sweet and jammy microlot called La Monanita from the El Bosque farm in Nicaragua run by the Peralta family. Nested in the lush Nueva Segovia region this particular lot of the El Bosque farm was planted under the Caturra varietal and processed by the natural method. We believe that the meticulous attention to detail this producer pays during processing and drying has greatly contributed to the cleanliness and complexity of this coffee. We've found notes of brown sugar, tropical fruits and nougat. What's not to like!

Both of these coffees are now available form the webshop and our next roasting day is coming up on Monday. So get stuck in!

Stay tuned for more exciting coffee news coming soon. In the meantime happy brewing and have a wonderful weekend! 

All the best, 

Curve xx