Progress Update from Margate

Hey y'all! Thanks to all of you who've been waiting patiently for this moment. We know it took us a while but here is our first blog post!

The last couple of months have been a very exciting if ever-so-slightly stressful time for us and it's now all coming together as we near the launch of Margate's first speciality coffee roastery, and so we thought it would be worth sharing some of what has been going on behind the scenes.

One immense step that has been in the pipelines for a while and finally happened last week was getting our roaster on the premises and ducted up. This wouldn't have been possible firstly, without the help of Glenn – the master joiner (quite possibly possessing superpowers) who kindly reinforced joists and repaired floorboards so that our Giesen could sit comfortably in its new pad and not fall into the yoga studio changing room downstairs. Thanks Glenn - we're very grateful!

Secondly there's Malcolm, the master roaster engineer, in possession not only of airflow and flue-related brilliance (also possibly superpowers), but inventiveness beyond measure in manoeuvring a half-ton roaster over floorboards, sills and in and out of a lorry – graci mille, we couldn't have done this without you!

As for the rest of the roastery building works, we have just spent some time down sanding down, plastering, sanding down again and finally painting the walls, as well as taking down some serious old metal bars of the windows so that Glenn can fix these and let some light in the coffee space. We will no longer have to work in darkness - exciting!

We should soon also have some much needed energies going in with gas men and electricians doing their jobs as we speak.

All of this is of course being made possible by the amazing Kier and Ed of Cliffs whose fearless project management and tireless work is guiding this whole operation to completion. Massive thanks to you guys!

On a different note, equally as exciting, we have booked a great selection of coffees from our green-importing partners and are very much looking forward to our first coffee delivery scheduled for later this week. To give you a little preview, there will be a super floral washed Ethiopian, a juicy and sweet Kenyan AB, a rich Colombian from Antioquia, a smooth and moreish Guatemalan microlot and a beautiful Costa Rican honey. Watch this space for more info coming in and more importantly the webshop launch!

Which brings us to what we're up to at the moment which is finalizing all our branding, packaging and website touch ups. As we've previously been focusing on the coffee stuff this has proved a fair bit more time-consuming, but we're powering through with lots of invaluable help from the brilliant and talented Sally Cowell Design, the designer of our logo and more to come!

All in all, it's all well under way and we're hoping to fire up the roaster by the end of the week!

Can't wait to have a go at roasting those coffee arrivals and getting them out there!

Tereza & Jon